Can i have internet connection and loopback adaptor

Can I have a Microsoft loop back adaptor installed (which I understand is necessary to install Oracle OBIEE on my laptop) and still have my regular Internet connection working to browse the net?

Please advise,
Thank you
Josef Finn
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  1. Yes, if you follow the instructions properly.
  2. Thank you for your clarification.

    You are saying that if I install the loop back adapter properly, the adapter and the current Internet set up can coexist, will not interfere with each other, and can be 'active' at the same time (by 'active' I mean that one does not have to be disabled in order for the other one to work).

    Could you please confirm?
    Thank you so much -
    Josef Finn
  3. Yes, because the loopback adapter have a blank default gateway entry, so Windows will not attempt to use it to connect to the Internet.
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