Still having issues. Please help me!


I posted a few days ago asking what the issue was with my computer crashes.

I had about 10 people (including rl friends) say that it was my psu.

So I ordered a new antek 450w PSU

Got it in today, plugged it in and turned on my pc.

It was running well until about 10 minutes into Starcraft 2 the computer froze.
I turned off the pc and turned it back on (when it crashed or froze before. IT WOULD NOT TURN BACK ON)
So again I loaded up a different game. (Metro 2033) Also about 10 minutes in the computer froze.
I turned it off manually again. Immedietly turned back on when I pushed the button.

So I talked to a friend and he talked me into downloading evga precision.
He recommended I underclock my gpu by about 25 (I think its gpu, it is locked w/ the shadowing thing on evga)
After turning it down, I turned on metro 2033 again.

I got about 25-30 minutes into the game when all of a sudden, the computer kind of made the screen flickering that you get when you alt tab (window kinda flashes and such)
After it did that, it went to a blank black screen with a flashing underscore.

Now, I brought the computer home and it wont even turn on! It's doing the same thing that it would do before I got the new psu. (Blank screen as if pc was off, and fans go into a faster state) My CPU fan also slows down if the pc turns on, in this case it isn't slowing down.

Also I've tried the newest video driver for my graphics card, and the older one I was using, and the older one before that. Still the same issue!

What is the issue? Any suggestions would EXTREMELY HELP
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  1. do you have the link to the other discussion so we can see what has already been tested/tried?

    Also I talked to another friend, he said it's possible with age the GPU's core may have bad connections due to solder melting and such. Is this possible?
  3. It would help considerably if we knew what hardware you have.
  4. Antek 450w power supply
    Nvidea Geforce BFG 9600gt video card
    Dual core proccesor (AMD athalon)
    WD green series 1tb hdd
    W7 os
    4 gb ram
    Irrelevant sony disc drive
    Unknown motherboard model (PC code is a6745f from HP)

    ALSO, I've noticed a definite pattern. Approx 10m into the pc being on without turning down my gpu or graphics memory it CRASHES. Then it will NOT turn on.

    Idk if this well help or not.
  5. My contribution to the topic is: did you run Driver Sweeper after uninstalling the drivers each time? Also the Caviar Green's supposedly park the head's very frequently which might cause issues when it's the main drive(although it's a slim chance).

    Dirty power could also affect it as well. A UPS with AVR (automatic voltage regulation) would eliminate it. But I wouldn't recommend it without knowing for certain it's a dirty power issue. But you could have really crappy power in your area, or too much stuff on your circuit to your computer room as well.

    A buddy of mine had crashing issues with his computer a few years back, it was mainly in games, and for him running a dedicated line(breaker and all) to his computer fixed it for him.

    ALSO, I've noticed a definite pattern. Approx 10m into the pc being on without turning down my gpu or graphics memory it CRASHES. Then it will NOT turn on.

    Idk if this well help or not.

    Could be a defective card too, try just the onboard video and see if it stops. That means running driver sweeper after removing the Nvidia drivers, before installing the ATI drivers.
  6. The first thing I would do would be to check your temps. HWMonitor should give you a pretty good overall picture of that. Have you cleaned out the computer really well with a can of compressed air?

    You have a new pretty much known to be good power supply so we can rule that out.

    My guess is you have a dead graphics card.
  7. It's not a power issue due to my house. I've done it at multiple houses and still had the same results.

    In the middle of typing a response to this on my desktop (now on my netbook)

    It crashes while using the ONBOARD video. So that eliminates the possibility of it being the aftermarket graphics card. (Am I wrong? It was 100% disconnected and it still crashed) 100% disconnected as intoken out of the computer. xD

    The thing this time, instead of getting just a simple crash or freeze. I got a BSOD with the error code 0x000008e

    What should I check now? I can't get the computer to stay on longer than 10 minutes, although I will note it stayed on for about 15 with the onboard video card (Although I don't think it's a 100% always the same time)

    I hate the amount of knowledge I don't have on this. It's been an issue for two months now as I have no extra cash to buy a new pc (in college atm)

    I appreciate your replies! Please keep helping!

    Also does anyone know why my computer won't turn on after it crashes? It usually won't turn on (the fans will turn on, but nothing will show up on monitor) It usually won't turn on for about 10-15 minutes, does this point me in the direction of an overheating issue?
  8. it not a gpu issue it a bad cap or power reg on your mb. as the mb heats up the cap or power cir fails and cause your pc to lock up.I look on ebay for a used board that can run your cpu. or a newer cpu amd pull. you can see if it a heat issue on the mb if you have a small fan..take the side panel off and blow air in with a fan...if the pc stays on longer you know that a part is heating up and failing.
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