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Hello, I have a Qwst dsl modem in a motorhome (permanently grounded). I have a Netgear connected to it (in the same room) following the instructions on the Netgear CD. The wireless signal isn't strong enough to reach my computer (or even my smartphone!) which are in another mobile home about 50' away. there is a cat5 cable that runs from where the modem use to be (same room where it is now) under the floor to another room in the same motorhome. that cable is no longer connected to anything. how can i use this longer cable to move the Netgear to the end of the cable nearest the second motorhome? per directions the dsl cable is plugged direct into the netgear. can i plug that into the linksys, the long cable into the linksys and put the router on the other end of the cable that ends in the other room?
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  1. If you have a second wireless router (and it sounds like you do, the Linksys), then leave the Netgear near and patched to the modem. Connect the long ethernet cable to a LAN port on the Netgear. Place the Linksys at the other end of the cable and connected to one of its LAN ports.

    But in order for this to work, you need to make several changes to the Linksys. First, change its IP address to a static IP in the same network as the Netgear. For example, if the Netgear is using, then perhaps make the Linksys Just make sure whatever IP address you pick, it's NOT part of the DHCP pool of the Netgear. Second, disable the DHCP server on the Linksys. Finally, configure the wireless radio on the Linksys (SSID, key, etc.) as you wish. If you use the SAME SSID and key as the Netgear, then you'll have a pseudo form of wireless roaming (i.e., wireless clients will choose the router w/ the strongest signal). But if you want to use different SSID and key, that's fine too. Either way works.

    [modem](lan)<-- wire -->(wan)[netgear (, dhcp enabled)](lan)<-- wire -->(lan)[linksys (, dhcp disabled)]
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