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I have Plex 40 write and it's been fine since i reinstalled my PC. Atfer doing so my buffer jumps up and down quite alot and when using nero it says buffer unrun avioded 123 times (before i reinstalled it used to say 1-3 times). i have have tried differnt ASPI drivers but still has not luck, becuase of this cd's are takes ages to burn. I have also run the CD on it's own IDE channel as i thought this may be the prob but still not look. Hope you ppl can help, thanks in advince for your advice
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  1. Do you have DMA enabled for that writer?

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  2. make sure dma is enabled for the writer and the hard drive.

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  3. Yup, DMA. And Plexie 40's will only write at 24x in DAO write mode - well documented now, Plextor don't give two hoots about DAO

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  4. Hi, are you the same FutureProof from

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  5. <A HREF="" target="_new">Yep</A> ;)

    I have some issue with the CD protection article, so I thought I'd make a few posts before complaining too loudly :P

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  6. DMA is set on but im still having the same probs, i understand about the plecky's speed retrictions with DAO but like i said the buffer is going crazy and it was fine b4
  7. You wouldn't be the first to complain about an article here.

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