Getting my gigabit setup!

So, I'm trying to get a some-what gigabit connection going with my router and my desktop. I have found and purchased all of the components I seem to need to get it all going. Once it was all plugged in, I still had the same speed as I did before.

Anyone know what's up?

Gigabit Ethernet Switch =

Router =

Motherboard =

I'm using a CAT6 cable to connect the router into switch, and a CAT5e cable (because they are longer) to connect the switch to my desktop.

My average ISP given speed is 10 down and 3 up, I get capped at 1.4Mb/s when I try downloading games off steam. I am trying to increase it so that games and other things download much quicker.

Here's how I have it all hooked up...
Internet-> Modem -> Router -> Gigaswitch -> My desktop

Could it be the modem needing an upgrade? Or maybe I need to configure something on my network card?

Thank you for any help provided!
- xBuggzie
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  1. are you downloading at 1.4Mb/s or 1.4MB/s?

    1.4MB/s = 11Mb/s
  2. Sorry, I meant to type "1.2Mb/s".

    Yeah, it use to be 1.4Mb/s before it dropped to 1.2Mb/s.
  3. If it helps, my ISP is armstrong and I have the most costly server package. I SEEM to have everything plugged in correctly. The switch tells me that I am getting 1000 Mbps as the light is green and not orange which is a indication that the speed is only 10/100 mbps.

    I checked my mobo website and there wasn't any downloads or patches in regards to use gigabit.

    As I have previously stated, I believe that I need to configure my network card's settings to allow the gigabit speed to work. I will list what the options are and what they are currently set at. (They may not be the default settings, as I tweaked with it a little bit before.)

    ARP Offload: Disabled
    Auto Disable Gigabit: Disabled
    Energy Efficient Ethernet: Disabled
    Flow Control: Disabled
    Green Ethernet: Disabled
    Interrupt Moderation: Enabled
    IPv4 Checksum Offload: Rx & Tx Enabled
    Jumbo Frame: 9KB MTU
    Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4): Enabled
    Large Send Offload v2 (IPv6): Enabled
    Network Address: Not Present
    NS Offload: Enabled
    Priority & VLAN: Priority & VLAN Enabled
    Receive Buffers: 510
    Receive Side Scaling: Enabled
    Shutdown Wake-On-Lan: Enabled
    Speed & Duplex: Auto Negotiation
    TCP Checksum Offload (IPv4): Rx & Tx Enabled
    TCP Checksum Offload (IPv6): Rx & Tx Enabled
    Transmit Buffers: 128
    UDP Checksum Offload (IPv4): Rx & Tx Enabled
    UDP Checksum Offload (IPv6): Rx & Tx Enabled
    Wake on Magic Packet: Enabled
    Wake on pattern match: Enabled
    WOL & Shutdown Link Speed: Not Speed Down

    PHEW, that was a lot to type...

    Also some more "maybe" important information...
    My modem is this:

    It MAY be a little outdated...
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