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My ISP provides internet connection through switches/hubs i.e. I have a LAN cable running from my PC to a switch/hub through which many other connections are provided and my internet connection is one of them. So there is no router/modem between the switch and my computer. I am able to connect to the internet using usr/pass provided by my ISP. Now what I want to achieve is have this connection in "always-on" mode and also have the Wi-Fi capability. Is it possible with this type of connection? Please help me do the setup if this is possible.

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  1. who is your ISP
  2. I stay in India and my ISP is 5network and this ISP itself purchases bandwidth from Tata Internet which is the major internet provider in India.

  3. What I have tried is this: I have TP-Link wr740n wireless router. I go to administration page. Then I access WAN and choose PPPoE (as it detects by default), enter username/password and choose "connect automatically" option and apply changes. But nothing happens. It doesn't connect to the internet.

    Can anyone help me? I need to set up this as quickly as possible.

    Please help me.

  4. Okay. I got it resolved.
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