Just installed Santa Cruz

Very easy install, and it works AWESOME.

I've heard both and my vote is Santa Cruz all the way.

Asus A7V333 RAID
1800+ AMD XP
DDRAM 512M | DDR333 PC-2700
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  1. "Both"? And the "other" would be...

    <font color=blue>Hi mom!</font color=blue>
  2. you know...the little speaker atttched to the bottom of the case.

  3. lmao. PC Speaker vs Santa Cruz. PC Speaker wins. Oh wait, you wanted more than 1 channel midi.

    The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the empires state building, along came goblin, wiped the spider out
  4. and what would any (in)sane person want with more than 1 channel sound then ???

    There are no stupid questions... just lots of inquisitive idiots...
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