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Could someone show me how to add users accounts in FTP for windows 2000 server?
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  1. goto the management console and create user names under local users

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  2. I added couple users under "Local Users" from computer management... The FTP site is running on port 21 correctly, but none of the users can login. Please help.
  3. Go to services,iis, make sure anonymous logon is allowed, you can disable this later,that will eliminate any user restricions causing the problem, but IMO, you would be better off with a 3rd party ftp server, I use SERV-U and its very good - a lot more configurable than iis.

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  4. Serv-U is very nice, WARftp is a little more tricky to i'd reccomend Serv-U...but you gotta buy it or crack it =\.

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  5. What happens when they try to login?

    Also right click on the folder your sharing, if your using the default it should be FTProot. Then click on security and check to make sure the users you want access to that folder are listed there. Give them read or write access as you need.

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