Lian-Li case is loud?

I have a question...
I think a little wile ago somebody said that
the 2 intake fan for the Lian-Li pc6+ series
are kinda loud. Is it really that loud? or
it's just fine? I currently own a crappy case
with a athlon 1900+, HSF is volcano 7+, 1
Enermax Thermal Control 80mm cooling fan intake
1 Enermax Adjustable 80mm cooling fan exhaust,
ENERMAX EG365P-VE PSU. If I change the case to
a Lian-Li 60, and the fan use Vantec Stealth
as exhaust fan in back and on top, would it be
about the same noise level or louder?
another question..Tom posted that LeadTech GF4
ti4400 is kinda loud, would it be much louder
than the noise I have to stand now?

Korea....good sport?
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  1. No, each of the fans in the Lian-li case are very very quiet so you won't need to buy the stealth fans. Actually, the main thing you will have to worry about is collective fan noise. When you have a bunch of quiet fans together it will suddenly start getting pretty loud. Mostly however it's going to be your CPU and also very likely your GPU that are the culprits for fan noise. Use fanmates on both of them if you're not gonna overclock. You may even consider underclocking your video card's core (not memory) and reducing your video card's fan speed.

    I like the Lian-li case, but again, with 4 fans it has the potential to reach about 35-40db depending of course on what coolers you have for your GPU/CPU.

    I have no experience with the 4400. All I can say is take the reviewer's word for it. Get a fanmate for your video card's fan and underclock the core and you'll be happy with the noise.

    Just wanted to add that the top blowhole is of questionable value to me right now... I'm going to test out sound levels and tell you what I get.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by cakecake on 06/30/02 03:45 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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