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ok guys, i have computers A-E in my house connected to the Bright house supplied neatgear cable modem. Computers C,D and E will connect via DHCP. computers A and B have dual NIC's. (10/100 nic A, 1000 nic B). Heres what i would like to do: connect all computers (A-E) to the internet. (this part i am currently doing) on computer A and B i want to create an ad hoc net work to souly use the 1000M nics (for data sharing). I want to separate computer A and B so they wont use the 100 Mbit connection. Can anyone help? i wont mind static ips if i have to go that way. my router is set to
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  1. Dont know why this double posted sorry mod

    Im running windows Vista x64 buisiness on all computers i just want all computers to connect to the internet while the 2 wired computers can transfer data across the gigabit line. so far they keep defaulting to the 100 mbit line. i tried subnetting however i didnt get it to work, either i got them to talk to each other or connect to the internet. :( any ideas?
  2. Not a big problem. Just connect the two gigabit adapters via ethernet wire. Configure them w/ unique static IPs and no gateway. Just make sure they use a different network than your primary network! (e.g., and And now reference each other via those IPs.


    If it helps, you can define hostnames for each IP in the Windows hosts file on each PC.
  3. Could you explain the hosts? My networking skills are very rusty. i.e say computer A is called Main do i define in the host file " Main"
  4. eibgrad, you are a godsend. That fixed my problem i just set the ips,mapped the network drives an bam i have it set up.
  5. a little googling showed me about the hosts file. I consider this thread SOLVED.
  6. Instead of using explicit IP addresses for new network, you could define named connection using your hosts file (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts). Entries can be added in the form: name ip-address. ComputerA ComputerB

    Do this on each machine. When resolving names, Windows will always check the hosts file first. So you now use these names instead of explicit IPs.


    Not a necessity, just a little easier than remembering IP addresses, esp. as you add more machines to a network like this.
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