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ok guys, i have computers A-E in my house connected to the Bright house supplied neatgear cable modem. Computers C,D and E will connect via DHCP. computers A and B have dual NIC's. (10/100 nic A, 1000 nic B). Heres what i would like to do: connect all computers (A-E) to the internet. (this part i am currently doing) on computer A and B i want to create an ad hoc net work to souly use the 1000M nics (for data sharing). I want to separate computer A and B so they wont use the 100 Mbit connection. Can anyone help? i wont mind static ips if i have to go that way. my router is set to
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  1. A couple of things you need to know:

    You cannot use a crossover cable to connect the computers at gigabit speeds; you must have a gigabit switch between them.

    You will need to use static IPs within a different LAN segment. Since your router is using 192.168.0.x, and likely the mask is, you can use the 192.168.1.x range, or I prefer to use a totally different range like 10.x.x.x.
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