WN721N Usb Dongle -- Extremely slow

Hi, I recently built a new PC and was recommended to get a TP-Link Wireless USB Dongle. I got the cheapest one (admittedly a poor mistake from the start), since our internet is not incredibly quick from the start so I assumed it wouldn't matter.

However, it is really slow. Max download rates of 200-300 kB/s (on average about 50), 360p youtube videos are next to unwatchable, getting 500+ ms pings to google.com, etc. Tried to play TF2 before but couldn't get into any games with a ping lower than 450 (unplayable).

I downloaded the latest driver from the get-go but it hasn't helped.

Do I have to pretty much take a loss and just buy a new PCI wifi card, or is there anything I can do to it that will help? Like can I change some router settings or boost the signal somehow?
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  1. you will get better signal with a PCI wifi card. even better if you run an ethernet cable.
  2. Yes, I realise that...

    The whole point of the post was to ask if there was anything I could do OTHER than buy a PCIe card.
  3. Are you using the newest Windows 7 drivers from the TP-Link website?
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