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My computer is connected wirelessly because my modem and wireless router are downstairs. I am running wireless on a Belkin Basic Wireless USB Adapter. My wireless router is a Cisco and I have Mediacom. It always says I have full bars but my internet is slow. I'm trying to have good enough connection to where I can play games like Minecraft online and it will run smoothe.I have a steady 70 mbps, which I think is suppose to be fast but my Internet connection is still slow. I am thinking about getting a PCI Wireless Adapter but I need to be sure It will make a difference. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!!!!
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  1. If you want to be able to get the best performance both in maximum speed as well as lowest latency, you really should run an ethernet cable to your computer. in the meantime you can try changing your wireless channel to either 2 or 10 and see if that helps any.
  2. Nothing...Wired connection isn't an option for me
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