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I got the smart hdd virus last night, I tried to install malwarebytes but it was blocked by the virus, so I did a system restore from safe mode to 5 days ago. When the restore finished, it booted and said that the restore had not fully worked, but it appeared to have had, with all my files visible again, same with my programs. I then installed malwarebytes and restarted. In the middle of booting windows, it bsod'ed, I did not catch the error message. It does this when I try to boot every time. When it goes into system repair, this message:
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change may have caused the problem. To fix this:
1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart the computer.
2. Choose your language settings, then click next.
3. Click repair your computer.
If you do not have this disc, please contact your system admin or manufacturer for assistance.
Status: 0xc000000e
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessable.

Sadly, I do not have a Win 7 home premium disc, only a win7 pro disc. I am able to make a clean install if required with the pro disc.
Will this work with the windows 7 professional disc? :??:
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  1. Now I have found my long lost Win 7 HP 32bit disc, I have tried startup repair, but it has said once so far that it cannot fix the problem, I will try at least a few times again as SR has a tendency to fail without multiple atempts, am i right.
  2. I am refusing to let it roll back though, I dont want to do that again, as I think this is a Windows boot sector error, isn't it, clarification and explanation required.
  3. Fixed it, system restore didn't work, so gave up with startup repair and resorted rebuilding the mbr and now is perfect.
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