Should i get a new router?

Ok i am moving in with a friend,and they don't have internet,but since i am moving in i will be paying for us to get it,i do have a router(a Linksys WRT54GS V7),but idk a lot about networking and i don't know if it will be enough or if it will cause problems.

I will be getting the fastest internet i can get in town,8mb down,1.5mb up,also i will be using netflix,we will have 3 desktops,2 laptops,an xbox 360,a ps3,and mabye a ps2,oh i also have a ethernet hub so i will be able to have all these hooked up.

So should i get a new router or reuse my old one? If i should get a new one can you suggest a good budget router?
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  1. I'd try your current router first. I don't think it will be a problem. If you need a new router, I tend to like DLINK, but honestly, I haven't been in the router market for a few years so I can't recommend a specific model router. Just make sure any new router has a fast CPU and decent memory.
  2. I agree w/ Hawleye22, until you learn otherwise, just assume what you have will work. Do you even know what options you have (cable, dsl, fiber)? For all we know, these could come w/ their own routers (dsl often comes w/ a combination modem+router).
  3. There ISP's i know of in this town is cable(which is the one i was planing on getting),AT&T,DIRECTV,and Dish Network.

    I wish i could get fios,but i live in a small town(population 16.8k)lol
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