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Ok, Not really sure if this is a router problem, ISP problem, or something else. I am trying to run a server for minecraft, which some of you may know primarily uses Port 25565. I have tried everything that I've seen suggested. I have a Linksys WRT54GS router that I have my 2 xboxes, playstation 3, pc, and wii connected to. Now, I don't use any of these components at the same time. I had an issue with my xbox and the game "Black Ops", where my NAT type was strict, but a microsoft support technician walked me through port forwarding for the xbox, and it worked. My NAT type was displayed as "open" now. This is not the case with Port 25565 however, as even though I've port forwarded 25565 to my static IP i set up for my PC (which is my server PC), Port checking sites such as "Yougetsignal" and a couple of others are still showing no connection for the current external IP and Port 25565. I went through ipconfig in windows "cmd" and made sure I had all the ip's and subnets and dns' and whatnot correctly entered in my routers configuration page. I went into Windows firewall and put new rules for port 25565 into incoming rules. None of this seems to work. I even shut off the firewall completely (temporarily, mind you), just to eliminate that possibility, to no avail. Still getting negative responses from these sites. I am able to log into my server myself, using "localhost" as the address, but none of my minecraft buddies can get on my server. I've also tried to use Hamachi to set up a server, which doesn't need ports to be forwarded, but although they can join my hamachi network, they can't join the server. Obviously there is more of a problem than just not being able to open ports, and I am at a loss. If anyone has dealt with a similar situation, or has knowledge of a potential fix for this, I would be forever grateful. Thank you very much.

Also, I am aware that my external IP, given by my ISP, will change with every disconnect and reconnect of my signal. I got my current IP address during this time and gave that to my buddies so they could join the non-hamachi network. For the Hamachi server I edited my Hamachi network IP into my server software's properties file, where as it would be left blank for my non-hamachi server. Whew. Thanks again!
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  1. Wouldn't hurt to connect the PC directly to the modem (assuming the modem and router are separate devices, I realize this often isn't the case w/ DSL). That will at least point the finger either away or at the router.

    It's also always a possibility that the ISP is blocking ports. Now granted, that usually happens w/ the more common services below port 1024 (ssh (22), web services (80), etc.), but who knows, the potential is there for ANY service to be blocked if the ISP feels so inclined (maybe they’re simply overwhelmed by the excessive usage, or find it’s an avenue for malware). Esp. if services like yougetsignal.com, canyouseeme.org, etc., are reporting the port is closed/unavailable.

    I would also recommend using a DDNS service (No-IP.com, Afraid.org, etc.) and the DDNS client of your router for dealing w/ your public IP. It's a lot easier using a domain name that's automatically updated as your public IP changes, rather than tracking those IP changes manually.

    As far as using Hamachi, since I’m not a Minecraft user, I’m flying a bit blind here. But if it’s like other servers, it may be the minecraft server is only bound to the local network’s IP address (i.e., that of the PC). And/or has a restriction that limits clients to specific IPs or IP ranges. You might have to reconfigure the server to listen on the Hamachi network (e.g.,, or the specific IP) and/or remove the client restrictions if present. Because there's no obvious reason it shouldn't work over Hamachi. It's just another network adapter, it just happens to be virtualized.
  2. Thank you for the response, eibgrad. Guess I'm just gonna have to get an ethernet cable long enough to reach the modem. I was trying to avoid this, but it really is a perfect way to eliminate the router as the problem. I will try this when I can, thank you for the suggestion. Definitely going to use a DDNS. Having to look up the IP every time is pretty annoying. As far as hamachi, yes, hamachi does give you a specific IP, completely separate of your local or public, that when entered into your server properties file, is supposed to link the server to your hamachi network. This is the IP I was giving the guys while using hamachi. Anyway, I'm going to try this stuff, and report back, thanks again!
  3. Also, I checked out the modem we're using, which was provided by our ISP. It is a DSL service, and I don't know if this makes a difference, but the side of it says it is a "Westell DSL Router", model number c90-510030-06. I was under the impression that a router and a modem were two different things. This "Router" doesn't have any more LAN ports on it, other than one, and I'm pretty sure it's not a WAN router. Could this be conflicting with my Linksys in some way? Does it have a setup page, like my linksys? Thank you.
  4. OK, I think I've been confused as to what WAN actually stands for, lol. Anyway, for anyone having this issue, every site I looked at concerning this issue, always suggested port forwarding through the "router", which I did. Now after using a little common sense, I discovered I should have been port forwarding through my modem, being the holder of the WAN IP. The fact everyone was saying "router" threw me off. I was sure I had my wireless router hooked to a modem that was just that, a modem. I noticed on the label it was called a router, so I got the idea to forward through that. I guess if I knew more about networking, I probably would have tried this first, lol. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the help! This issue has been resolved.
  5. Here's a good Port forwarding tutorial, check it out to see if you've missed something :)

    Port forwarding any other router:

    If you live in Belgium here's a Telenet port forwarding Modem:

    Hope it helps!
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