Best Sound Driver SQ2500 and XP?

What are the best Sound Drivers for the Aureak SQ2500 and Win XP?

Before I experiment with the old drivers for WIN98 that came with my SQ2500 (aureal 8830 chipset), I thought I would check who has done so already.

The soundcard works with the XP supplied drivers but sound volume is poor.

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  1. <font color=green>I answered your reply in the other post about low volume, but I'll copy it here for your convienence.</font color=green>

    What's up Jeff:
    I believe I got a solution for you. Double-click the volume icon in the system tray. Go to Options > Properties > Adjust volume for <b>Other</b> > AC97 Controls

    Check all the boxes under "Show the following volume controls". Click OK.

    Raise all the sliders up, especially for Front/Rear speakers.


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