Internet status says its working but the computer says no internet

Okay, so what's happening is when i look at the "network and sharing" page it saying that I'm connected same goes for the "Wireless Network Connection Status" page (which says "internet" in the "IPv4 connectivity" and "no internet access" in the "IPv6 connectivity"). But when the computer has to update It'll say "no internet access" and when i go on Internet Explorer it won't say anything instead the green loading bar on the bottom of the page will be stuck in the middle. So that is what's going on, now i need to fix it... Any ideas?
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  1. go to a command prompt and type:


    paste the output here. if your IPv4 address starts with then your computer is not communicating with the dhcp server. if it starts with then see if you can ping with the command:

  2. thank you... though what happened was when I took off the Norton internet security i got my full internet back.
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