If my isp assigned a static ip can i connect my computer directly to the cable m

If I have a static IP assigned by my ISP can I program it into the NIC on a system running WIndows 7; mark one or more foldes to be shared but protected with a username & password and then be able to access the system from anywhere by mapping back to the static IP address\shared foldername? If not, why not? If so, what is the downside?
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  1. Yes you can do this. The downside is that this method gives you 0 protection from attacks and port scans. Anyone that spent a day in hacking school will be able to connect to your public IP and gain access to your computer.

    Use a Router, and use port forwarding for this. Even then you have some security issues but not as nearly as much.
  2. I agree w/ hang-the-9 about using a router. Everyone should use a router, even if you only have the one computer.

    However, do NOT use port forwarding for file sharing! That's asking for trouble since Windows security is extremely weak. Any hacker that discovers your only protection is Windows-based security will crack your network all too quickly.

    Instead, use a VPN. Perhaps a PPTP VPN (which is pretty easy to setup on Windows), or for something more powerful, like LogMeIn Hamachi (an awesome product imo).
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