Internet works only with Fixed DNS server -how to change to automatic?

I am using a DNA-A212 modem/wireless router to access internet.

It works fine on both my pc and wifi laptop, provided I give a fixed DNS server that was entered by my internet provider. My IP address is set to 'obtain IP address automatically' but my DNS is set to a preferred DNS by the provider. I have to set this on my notebook as well in order to access internet. If I set it to obtain DNS server automatically, internet stops working on that machine.

Problem is when I try to access internet through my phone it does not work, because I have no option to enter a DNS server there. Internet works fine on my phone using another wifi router where the obtain dns address automatically is enabled.

Please advise me on how I can get internet working on my pc and laptop with the obtain DNS automatically enabled.

These are my ipconfig /all settings -
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  1. Are you using a router? If so, you have to configure the routers DHCP. Set it's DNS address to the one provided by your ISP. Now any computer that uses DHCP to pull an IP address will also pull the DNS address.
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