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I am running winxp...supposed to be easier...right? My particular config includes cable modem, router, lan and two home has the printer attached and I can't get the other to gain access to the printer....when I run network says that this is not recommended and it won't let use the printer....each computer accesses the internet independantly thru the router...any one have any ideas on how to get around this?
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  1. Well, you'll have to go into the network settings of the system with the printer attached and enable print sharing.

    You'll also need to set-up the other system to default to printing to this printer.

    You'll also nee to have both runnning to achieve this.

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  2. got print sharing enabled....and default is set....I wish it were that simple...I keep getting error msgs saying I dont have permission to use this network resource....
  3. Are both your computers using the same workgroup, different name?

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  4. using default "mshome" workgroup and computers are using different name....everything worked fine until I installed the router for the cable modem.....I am only using tcp/ip protocol, with client for ms windows and file and print sharing enabled....I can ping the computers and the router just fine....I know there is a conflict somewhere..I just can't put my finger on it....
  5. Sounds like a permissions problem then, can you file share between the 2?

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  6. Did you configure the router yourself, or is it done automatically?

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