Driver for canon camera win7

Hello, when I plug the camera in the USB port It didn't recognized my Camera
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  1. Hey

    That's not much information. I assume you're looking for a windows 7 driver?

    If you're hooking a USB camera to your computer, you don't need any driver. Windows will use the default USB drivers. Windows will recognize your camera when you plug it in and turn it on.
  2. it's an unrecognized device so I need the driver for Canon Camera
  3. What kind of camera is it?

    Try uninstalling the USB root hubs in the device manager, then restart. Then try the camera in a different USB port.
  4. the Camera is canon
    And I made this uninstall and then restart but there is also the same proplem
  5. There's lots of different cannon cameras. What's the model?

    How did you 'made it uninstall'?
  6. System properties, Hardware, device manager, Uninstal
  7. Check Cannon's website for a diagnostic utility.
  8. ok i will try
  9. It is a canon camera Ok. What is the model number??
    like SX100s etc..??????
  10. I have the same problem. When I plug in my usb cable and turn on the camera, I see that Windows is trying to install the driver but comes up with the message that states canon digital camera failed. The camera is an EOS XSi 450D.
  11. Download the needed, tools & applications for windows 7 for you camera, install them & try again!
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