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Hello, i currently have a windows XP Pro machine alongside a windows 98SE machine. the windows XP machine is connected to my network via a wireless network adapter. But, i need the windows 98 machine connected to the internet as well. (i have to use windows 98 because of a program i use only works with DOS) so i need help on configuring this whole setup. i have ethernet cables so i should be set with that
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    Connect the XP machine to the Win98 machine via ethernet cable. Make sure the wired network connections on each are set to DHCP. Now go to Network Connections on the XP machine (Start->Run, type "ncpa.cpl" (no quotes) and hit enter). Select the wireless and wired connections, right click, and select Bridge Connections. You're done.
  2. Bridging the connections is not necessary.

    All you need to do with XP (the one that is connected with the wireless) is to share the connection in wireless connection properties and in LAN connection properties set the IP-address to No additional settings needed with WIN98 computer.
    Also the LAN-cable should be crossover because if the computer uses win 98 I assume it does not recognize whether the lan-cable is A-A or A-B standard.
  3. ^^ By sharing the connection as you’ve described, he *is* bridging the connections, via ICS. ICS creates a bridge + a (software) router. But that's overkill since he already has a router (at least having a wireless adapter and his own network strongly suggest he does). It puts the Win98 machine behind two firewalls and double NAT’s it, which unnecessarily complicates the configuration. Using ICS only makes sense when there is no other router in the picture (i.e., the machine sharing its internet connection has the public IP).

    As far as the crossover cable, as long as one machine supports auto-sensing MDIX, a standard cable is sufficient. But yes, in the off chance NEITHER side is auto-sensing MDIX (pretty rare these days), you'd need a crossover cable (or if you have one, just use a spare switch/hub (even an old router, as long as you disable its DHCP server) and connect them indirectly).
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  5. well it appears that the win xp machine is a no go. it says "to create a network bridge, you must select at least two LAN or High-Speed Internet connections that are not being used by internet connection sharing.
  6. Why is ICS enabled at all on the XP machine?! I presumed you had a wireless connection to your wireless router. And all you needed to do is share it w/ the wired connection to the Win98 machine. There should be no ICS in use here at all, anywhere.
  7. correct, all i need to do is share the internet from the XP machine with the Win98 machine. i think this is unusual because it gives me no option anywhere to disable ICS. and it shouldn't be enabled. that message pops up when i select bridge connection
  8. Hey thanks so far. selecting the wireless connection and then clicking on the LAN-connection with STRG pressed should do it. Then bridging should work as eibald said. Thanks for that.

    My problem is, i'm afraid, that I can't configure the second (non-wireless, via LAN connected) PC to use the internet connection of PC1.

    Do you think it's because the snd PC is using WinVista? (The first one uses Win7.)
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