Stumped! cant find what i need!

i just recently put windows xp on my computer and i am newish to windows. i have a wireless pci card, i can find the drivers but have been told i need more than just the drivers (i need the software along with them.) i went to download that but found out the company's website is gone because they went out of business and that seems to be the only place where i could have gotten everything i needed. company is Zonet by the way model of pci wireless card is ZEW1602A also i tried to hook up my computer by ethernet, and in the ethernet hook up area it glows orange so i know it is making connection, but the computer doesnt even aknowledge that its there. i am stumped on what to do, i have tried the hardware wizard and i have tried to find the drivers on another computer, but nothing i try works, any suggestions please?
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