Watching Stream in 720p?

I was just wondering what download and/or upload speed I would need to watch streams in 720p. I have 37ms ping, 2.02mbps down, and 0.47 up.
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  1. You're not even close. SD (standard definition) content might require up to 6Mbps, but HD content could be 15Mbps, 25Mbps, or more! A lot depends on whether we're talking about raw (uncompressed) streams, or various optimized codecs. That's why ppl trying to stream HD content locally over wireless G (18-22Mbps being typical) often have problems, and have to move to wireless N to prevent excessive buffering.

    But even if we're off a bit w/ the numbers, there's just no chance w/ numbers like 2Mbps. Heck, you'll have problems w/ SD content in many cases, let alone HD.
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