LCD or TV????

I have a computer connected to a TV set (i don't have a crt connected to it, there is NO room for one)). That computer is primarily used for DVD movies and games. Lately i begun using it extensively for photoshop work for fun(image/photo editing) as i'm into photography as well.
Lately i started thinking that maybe i could find room for an LCD panel but i don't know how much better (photorealistically) is the LCD compared to the TV. OF course i know that it will give me a sharper picture than the tv but what i really care about is the color reproduction and range as well as the contrast comparison.
Could someone please help?????
If the accuracy on the LCD panel is not worse than the Tv then i should go get one, but... i don't know if that is the case...
Please Help!!!
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  1. Oh man. Are you seriously looking at a TV to do image editing? It must be like using a lightbright with those large pixels.

    An LCD or CRT screen will of course both be supremely better for color reproduction, detail, gaming and general computer use. Unless you have a plasma TV or something an LCD will be better by far than a TV screen.
  2. thank you for your reply. I have to stress again that i DO know that lcds are better. What i do NOT know (and asked) is whether they have a better and more accurate color/contrast range.
    I don't care about any other aspect except photorealism (and that's where lcds fall compared to crts)
    So, i have to ask again if they are better in that respect or not, and if they are, will even a relatively cheap panel be better than the tv?
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