Trying to fix this for weeks...Internal Wireless Adapter issue... :(


I am having some serious problems getting my computer to detect (Plug and Play) when I insert my wireless adapter into the PCI-express. The funny thing is was that it was working for a second, showing wireless networks in range and then it stopped all of a sudden?

This led me to believe I fried it, but when plugged into another PCI in another computer, windows is ABLE to detect it.

Another funny thing is that the green power light goes on when I plug it in, so I know its getting powered up, but it is not shown in the device manager.

Now, here's what I've tried,

1) Manually Add hardware with latest adapter drivers.
2) Reinstalled all drivers and updated all drivers
3) Reinstalled windows
4) Checked BIOS, PCI is enabled and PnP is enabled
5) Tried both PCI slots...same results
6) Messed with PnP within the registry
7) Raging at my computer.

If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it, I am about to clear the CMOS to see if that will work, but am I wasting my time?
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  1. Does it show in Device Manager? If not, using Device Manager, select the top folder (the one w/ the name of your machine), right click, and select "Scan for hardware changes". If that doesn't work, then maybe it is bad hardware (despite it working better in another machine).
  2. thank you eibgrad, but i tried this :/ I can't believe that both PCI express' are fried..
  3. It might be a problem w/ the PCI express bus, and if so, it could affect all PCI express slots. Do you have any other PCI express cards installed, or others you can test to verify the bus/slots do function properly?
  4. No, the wireless adapter is the only device in the PCI slots. And I do not have another device in which I can test; the rest of the family has laptops :pfff:

    maybe I should reinstall the motherboard drivers...I'll keep you posted. Thanks
  5. Try inserting and removing the PCI express card a few times, to clean the contacts/slots. You can even use an eraser to clean up the adapter’s contacts. It might just be oxidation build-up.

    Btw, you can insert a PCI express card in a larger PCI express, if you have one. For example, if you have a open PCI express slot for a video card (typically 16x), it will accept 1x, 4x,and 8x cards. They're all electrically compatible.
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