Sidewinder Gamepad problem with SB Live under XP

My sidewinder gamepad is not detected correctly under Windows XP with SB Live Value S/C. It detects the 3D pro gamepad which is not the one I have and it also says that it’s not connected.

I have found that the problem is with the Gameport's I/O range which should be 0200-0207, but instead is FFF8-FFFF. Under windows 98 with the same S/C and the same gamepad everything works fine (the I/O range of the gameport there is 0200-0207). I have tried to change the driver of the Creative's gameport with the standard Microsoft’s gameport driver but no luck; windows just can't install that driver.

I have also tried to install the latest drivers from Creative but there was no change. I suppose I don’t have to say that there is no option to change the I/O range in XP!

Any idea or help would be welcome
Thanks in advance
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  1. Hasn’t anybody got any idea?
    To bad for me!!! :(
  2. Well, ports and addresses between 98 and xp have no similarity or bearing on each other. Completely different OS. You might want to check MS support site to see if they have any knowledge base articles on that gamepad or anything. Never know, they might have a solution. If that game pad is older though it may just not work with XP...definitely a possibility. Best option for joysticks and gamepads these days is definitely USB, not serial gameport. I wouldn't even install the gameport for the audigy...

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  3. Thanks for your reply.

    I have already visited Microsoft’s Sidewinder web page, but they say that there is no support for that gamepad :( and no drivers as well!!!

    "If that game pad is older though it may just not work with XP...definitely a possibility."

    No, that’s not it!!! I have tried it with the PCI 128 SoundBlaster under XP and everything works just fine (even the I/O range was 0200-0207).

    You're right about USB gamepads but isn't it a pity to waist it now? It's a nice pad you now.
  4. Compatibility problems with SB Live? Imagine that.

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