Hard drive capacity shown wrong

This setup is just over a year old. I have
(2) Maxtor 60gb 7200rpm UDMA100

Drive 1 shows up fine, Drive 2 only has HALF the capacity (30gb). Words like RAID are new concepts to me, but i'd be very appeciative of any help in fixing this.

Also, I'm about to get a new computer for my sister, but i don't want to have the same problem since I'm ordering almost the same setup from the same company. The give the option for the drives to be in either RAID-0 or 1 because I chose two identical drives. I'm guessing i want to put both in RAID-0, but any info why would be a lot of help.

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  1. Are you running in a RAID configuration presently, if so what configuration is it?
  2. I don't know, but i assume i'm not since the second drive is halfed. just guessing though, I don't know how i'd check to see if i am running in a raid config.

    Damn I bet I sound stupid, I'm not as n00bish when it comes to software at least.
    Thanks for any help,
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