Fios Router connecting to a Netgear Range Max PCI Card


Im haveing problems staying connected to my internet. I have Verizon Fios router that is wired into this desktop i also have 2 laptops and now im trying to connect a second desktop wirelessly to the router. My Netgear Rangemax PCI picks up the signal at 68% and connects to the router. But periodically it disconnects from the router and i click connect to a network icon and it shows that i have no wireless internet as if no PCI card is installed so i wait a min then it shows up again and windows network diagnostic kicks in and "resets the network adapter" and all is well for about 15min till it disconnects again.
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  1. by any chance can you see any other wireless networks in your neighborhood? If so then this would be a good indication that the problem lies with your computer or network adaptor if it doesnt show any wireless networks at all.
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