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I've recently built a new PC. I got all the connections placed. Im trying to install Win 7 OEM to my SSD but it doesn't boot from my optical drive. I let it sit for minutes and all i get is blank screen with/without the flashing line in the top right corner. I went into my BIOS and it said I could try to boot from UEFI of my optical drive. When it boots I get an error occurred while attempting to read the boot data with Status: 0xc0000185.
I've taken out all my RAM and used one by one on each slot and have removed my CMOS battery from the MOBO and have gotten anywhere. Please advise!

Intel i5 2500k
G.skill Ripjaws X 16gb (4x4gb)
Crucial M4 64gb SSD
EVGA GTX 570 HD Doubleshot
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Inwin Commander 2 850W PSU
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    The 0xc0000185 error simply means that the computer can't communicate with the CD drive. It could be due to a faulty CD drive or media, a bad connection, faulty interface, bad memory, power supply etc. You will need to isolate the problem further, why couldn't you boot normally? check the BIOS settings again and try clearing the CMOS memory correctly as described in the manual (just removing the battery may not be good enough).
  2. I've tried to boot normally but all I would get is a blank screen and no loading bar at the bottom.
  3. try another plug to the DVD/CD drive
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