Strange problem.

So my brother has a computer that uses a wireless network card. The drivers are up to date, and the connection to the router is excellent. However his download and upload speeds are just god awful but just on this computer every other device works fine. The computer connects to the router easily and is capable of communicating and trading files between other devices in the house wireless just fine. So the router and network card seem to be working just fine until it comes to the internet.

Other devices in the house give around a 20 mb/s down and 4 mb/s up. This specific computer however is getting 0.6 mb/s down and a equally pathetic up speed.

I don't recall all the computer specs but it is a i7 920 with 6 gigs of ram. The network card is a Rosewill RNX-N180PCe and the router was a Buffalo wzr-hp-g300nh with the most current firmware. I am left stumped on this one.
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  1. Are the file transfer speeds slow also? Or just the internet?

    Try using a different channel for the wifi.
  2. Transferring files from sharing within the network is speedy and there doesn't seem to be a issue at all there. I've tried switching the router to b/g/n and even the mix option still to no avail.
  3. Check for new drivers form Rosewill, you need to check the channel the WiFi is on, not just the connection type.
  4. Apologies for the late reply, drivers are up to date and the Wifi is set to
    NG-Mixed which the card is compatible with. It is currently running on channel 11 which is supported.

    And this is why I am stumped, it's fully updated and compatible has a excellent connection to the router, the router gives great speed to any other device that can connect to it except this single computer.
  5. check if someone is stealing your wifi connectivity and check for eavesdropping ..................
    well let me tell you i went through the same problem , i did nothing and waited and after a number of days it was back to normal and from 0.6 kB i started getting 100 + again :)
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