Msn messenger not logging in on public wifi

is there any reason why when my fiance' in australia connects to a public network at mcdonald's that he can't log into msn, facebook, or thunderbird? i'm in the us and it's frustrating that we can't talk right now.
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  1. It's always possible the owner of a wifi hotspot is filtering content based on website domain name, public IP, etc. They could also block certain services that use well known IP ports. They may have policies regarding these apps/services they wish to enforce. That's why it's important to learn how to work around these annoyances w/ other tools, like VPNs.
  2. Ok. Thank you for your answer! I'm such a newbie, but hungry to learn. After reading a few explanations of what a VPN is, where do I get one? Is it expensive?
    Thank you again!
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