Downloading Windows 7 from internet using a CD Product Key

Hello, I just bought Windows 7 and fogot to buy a CD ROM. Is there anyway I can download windows 7 using my key? If so Thanks.
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  1. go back where you bought it and ask for the cd
  2. If the CD key is legit, you can download for free an official ISO and burn to disk and install using your key.
  3. I seem to have made a mistake :/ I meant that I do not have a CD-ROM player. The cd came with the windows 7 fine.
  4. Unless your PC already has some other operating system on it (necessary to get online and d/l Windows 7 to some other secondary drive), you'll need to buy and install an optical drive. Fortunately they are relatively inexpensive; $20-$22 online.
  5. Could it be done by using a USB to some sort just as Ubuntu does it? Or would I be able to install Ubuntu and use it to install Windows?
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    Yes, assuming you have an .iso from the proper version of Windows and a 4GB or larger flash stick, it will be no issue.
    Simply follow This Guide and use Microsoft's Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool to make a bootable flash stick.
    Then just boot from the USB stick and install like normal.
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