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Hi, (apologies I am a novice) I have previously used adhoc computer to computer networks to share data between laptops. I only have wireless usb connection. All are running Windows 7. I also would like to use my data on my android phone. The network I have set up used to work fine, but now does not. I have tried setting up network from a different computer with no avail. The computer which hosts the connection says "Waiting for users" the other computers (and my phone) can not see the connection. The can pick up all other wireless signals fine. I have looked through all the connection, Internet, firewall options and can not see anything which would be causing this.

I am probably missing something obvious. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  1. here's an alternative suggestion. follow this link to install dropbox. you can also install it on your android phone. now you can easily sync or transfer data between computers and your mobile phone.
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