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Hello, I have recently created a wep key for my network, but when I try to connect my laptop to the network it says the settings saved on this compute for the network do not meet the requirements of the network? I do not know why I hope someone could help me out!
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    You need to let the laptop into the secret of the new WEP code but before you do that, consider upgrading to WPA or WPA2. WEP is easily hacked these days and you might have fun explaining where the illegal music your neighbours kids downloaded on your account.

    If you're using XP, click the wireless icon, go to View Wireless Networks and click on yours. Enter the new key exactly as it is in the router's settings and you're in. Vista and Windows 7 have a Network and Sharing Centre in Control Panel and you click on Manage Wireless Networks then add yours manually.

  2. people say WEP code all the time even if they are using WPA2. what they really mean is security key. anyway, please make sure computer has the latest Service Pack so that it can connect properly to our wireless network.
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