DIR-827 Connectivity Issues.

Hey Guys,

I bought the DIR-827 from D-Link probably 4-5 months ago under the impression that it would be great for my home enviroment. Let me give you a little background of our home before I get into the issue.


We usually have a good 4-6 devices connected to the internet, two of those are gaming systems and the rest are either a laptop, and mobile devices.

Our network is composed of three devices those being a DIR-827, a Cisco DPC3825 Modem(Wireless is disabled), and an 8 port unmanaged switch from D-Link.

We just had a guy from our ISP come in and check the network and replace the modem and we are still experiencing these issues. And they do not happen when connected to my modem.


The problem I'm having is connectivity. And FREQUENT internet loss. What will happen is I'll be connected to the internet (wired) and all of sudden it will stop working, and I'll get the Yellow ! symbol on my network telling me that there is NO internet access. So I thought it was the modem, anyways it wasn't when I check the router's status through the web, I get that the DNS server is the IP adress as well, basically everything is disconnected. Sometimes after powercycling the modem and router, I'll get internet, but then what happens is that internet will go forward 30-40 seconds it will come back again, another 2 minutes.. same thing. And this will go on for about 2-3 hours if not more.

I can't find out what to do, what have I done?

Factory Settings on Router
Updated to v1.02
Turned of 5Ghz incase it was conflicting with wireless home phone
And I've gone through a list of stuff, but I'm hoping I missed something

Help would be GREATLY appreciated. I still have a 3 year IPR on the device so I can replace it. Anyways help would be awesome like I've stated.

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    Before delving too deeply, I need to know exactly how these devices are connected.

    Is it LAN to WAN:

    [dpc3825](lan)<-- wire -->(wan)[dir-827]<-- wire -->[8-port switch]

    or LAN to LAN:

    [dpc3825](lan)<-- wire -->(lan)[dir-827]<-- wire -->[8-port switch]

    I assuming the 8-port switch is behind the dir-827, if not, correct me.

    Also, which LAN ports are you using, only the dir-827 and the 8-port switch, or also the dpc3825 (other than the dir-827)?
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