GTXP: Blue Screen of Death on install

Problem with installing drivers for my Herculese GameTheatre XP.


I have been having trouble installing the drivers. Currently, the card is in my machine and the device is connected. I have tried installing the drivers that I downloaded from the website and found on the disk.

When the operating system recognizes the Hercules WMD device at startup and attempts to install the drivers, I get a blue screen of death around the time the installer says it is installing the “Audio3d” driver.

The blue screen of death displays the following technical information.

“STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF1F67DSE, 0xF288E6C8, 0xF288E3C8)

cwcsspud.sys – Address F1F667D5E base at F1F61000 Datestamp 3C5EDE45.”

Here are the stats on my system. In the meantime, I have been using the onboard sound (that stinks because when I have the speakers turned up it seems to pick up interference from what the computer is doing – IE – I move my mouse I hear a faint buzz).

Operating System: Windows XP, updated with the latest patches
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Motherboard: Soltek SL-75DRV2 (Via KT266a chipset)
Memory: 512 PC2100 (Micron)
Harddrive: Maxtor 7200 rpm 80 gig
Video: Geforce3 Deluxe
Powersupply: 400 watts

Everything else on this machine works fine. I am pretty clueless about why I would be getting a blue screen of death and not be able to INSTALL the drivers for this card.

Please tell me what is going wrong. Thanks for your help.
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  1. I guess it's been a while, but no replies yet so I'll try and help...

    Did you install that Yamaha software thingy from the CD? If you did, then that's what's causing the blue screen on boot. They have a knowledge base article on the Hercules website. You're supposed to download this patched version instead, and not install it from the CD at all - the patched version takes the registration code from the certificate that came in the box BTW, so you'll need that.

    I just installed my GTXP, and I'm having major problems... Using the speaker test function in their control panel, and with quad speakers plugged into the analog minijack outputs... what happens is, the front two speakers only play when the "front center" channel plays, and don't play as the "front left" or "front right" channels at all. I had to set the card to 5.1 or 6.1 mode to play the front center channel; if it's in 4-speaker mode, the front speakers just don't play at all.

    Anybody know what's going on?

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