Can i hook up my mifi to a router

I have a Sprint MIFI and I have a router at home, is there a way to hook up my MIFI to the router so that I can get a wider connectivity in my house?
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  1. Not sure what you mean by “wider connectivity”.

    The Sprint MIFI doesn’t have a wired ethernet port, so it can’t even be patched to your wireless router. Not that that would necessarily buy you much, but it’s certainly a non-starter for wired connectivity.

    The ONLY possible connectivity here is perhaps repeating. If your wireless router supports configuration as a repeater, then you could extend the Sprint MIFI’s range, but you would also lose access to your current cable/dsl ISP.

    Otherwise, I’m not seeing it, at least not w/ your current hardware. These are essentially islands of connectivity, with no visible land bridge between them.
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