Computer Keeps freezing

My computer keeps freezing. Doesn't matter what I'm doing. HD is good swapped a new one same issue. Reloaded windows to no hope as well. Yet runs fine with linux systems. No BSOD/ black screen just locks up no activity at all ( on windows). Computer is only two years old. Any Ideas?
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  1. your graphic card driver are up to date for windows
  2. Everything is updated to as current as possible.
  3. use this to check all your temp and do you have any error code when it freeze
  4. Done that everything is fine. No error code just locks up. Times for the lock up vary till it goes back to normal. Occasionally it will stay locked up for hours.
  5. you will have to post all specs of your computer name and model psu,board graphic card and memory sticks and report all you temp back so we could look if something is not working at the temp it should
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