My PC is having network card issues

Hi there, My PC seems to reject networking cards, I originally had a PCI-E Wireless 802.11n 300Mbps Network Interface Card which won't connect to the internet. So i have just installed my new Edimax EW-7722In card, and the same problem is happening to it. In device manager is says the device is working and in "See full map" it tells me the device adapter is not connected and therefor does not pick up any wireless signal. So after messing around with it for ages. I have finally booted in safe mode with networking, and voila! They both work in safe mode but not in normal mode. I have searched and searched online but everyone seems to be using laptops and having a different issue to me. Does anyone know what could be wrong?
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  1. Sounds like there may be a device/driver conflict of some kind (since safe mode loads fewer drivers). However, I have no clue what that conflict might be. How old is this PC? Did you try different PCIe slots? Do you know if the cards work normally in another PC?

    You might want to consider using a wireless ethernet bridge instead, since it avoids all these potential problems.
  2. Thanks for the reply, and im sure your right as it baffled me too. I haven't changed the PCIe slots as im sure they can't both be broken. I will give that a try when im back from work, and as for how old is this pc, its relatively new, i bought it from cyber systems only two months ago. And it works fine in every other aspect just not wireless cards.

    I have just reinstalled windows and wiped my hard drive in the vain hope that the mess is cleared up. And when payday comes around i will be sure to buy a wireless ethernet bridge. Thanks again. - Wiggy
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