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How to Give Internet from My PC to My Router

Hi All, :hello:
Im trying to give internet from my pc to my router. My PC has 2 NICs one receives the INTERNET CONNECTION and the Other Connects to the Router.
The router is W31R+, the OS is Windows XP SP3.
How can I do this please do tell.
Awaiting your Replies

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    Just enabled ICS on the internet connection and share it w/ the other network connection (the one leading to the router). In fact, since ICS provides a router of its own, you don't actually need the routing features of the router (WAN). It will still work, but now those users are behind two firewalls, double NAT’d, etc., which complicates firewall management for remote access purposes (if that’s a requirement). Instead, you could just assign the router a static IP address of, disable its DHCP server, and connect them LAN to LAN. So now it's nothing more than a switch (and of course, if it's a wireless router, it remains a wireless AP).
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  3. Thank you very much :D
  4. Forgot to ask
    Its a VPN connection... will it work?
  5. Which connection is a VPN, the one being shared, or the one to whom sharing is being offered?
  6. the one being shared...
  7. As long as the VPN connection offers the sharing option, it should work. It's probably under its Properties->Advanced options.
  8. thank you :D
  9. Hello , follow these steps.
    1. Right click on local area connection that's connects to the Router and go to properties .
    2. scroll and select TCP/IP and click properties and give a static ip like " " , subnet mask " " , Default gateway " your default gateway IP, this ip contain your first NIC right click on and click status then go to the support ,here you find out default gateway server " and DNS IP=DEFAULT GATEWAY IP THEN click ok and close.
    3. NOW , you go to one by one lan computer and give tha ip address like " ",subnet mask " " , Default gateway " here you fill the address that's you give ip address in 2nd step ."

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