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Hi I have recently become aware that my computer's download speed is not the same as my brother's. We are using different methods of accessing the router, I am using cat6 cable he is using wifi on his macbook pro. I have a gb enabled network card the router is an asus rt n16.
Now here are the speed according to
mine: 1.25Mbs
His: 22.3 Mbs

EDIT: wrong units at the end fixed now
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  1. You are using CAT6 cable, but what is the link speed? Is looks like it is only 10Mbps, where it should be 100 or 1000 Mbps depending on the ports on your router.

    If it is only 10Mbps, then you may have a faulty or damaged cable.
  2. Late Update.

    I have updated the firmware in the router. My mother had not updated the firmware since purchasing it in 2010. The issue has dissappeared since doing this.
  3. Glad you got it solved!
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