How do i get my ping back to normal?

A couple of days ago my internet supposedly got reset or something (im not too sure what actually happened), and it wouldnt let me get on the internet, so i called AT@T and i was able to get on the internet again.

so before all of this happened my ping would stay around 36ms and there would be no in-game problems, but now my ping has usually been staying around 70 to 100.

How do i get my ping back to the way it was???
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  1. Assuming you didn't change anything in your local configuration, there's not really much you can do about it. The ping is a function of internet response time, which can vary, sometimes by a lot. It all has to do w/ the routing determined by the internet, of which you have ZERO control. It's entirely possible your routing changed between then and now (could be lots of reasons; one of the internet routers has goes down for maintenance (so traffic has to be rerouted/detoured), you're using the same internet routers but they're more heavily loaded today (like the highway, some days are worse than others), etc.

    I understand that to a gamer, a change from 36 to 70-100 seems significant, perhaps the difference between “virtual” life and death, but to the internet, it’s no big deal. It’s designed w/ latency in mind, which gives it tremendous flexibility. But gamers suffer for that very same reason. What the internet giveth (easy, ubiquitous access), the internet also taketh away (performance).
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