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Hi all.

Please suggest a MKV Codec or Driver for Windows 7 64bit and a Nvidia GPU.
I want to install as little as possible.

Any Ideas?
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  1. CCCP:

    Enable DXVA by going:

    View>options>internal filters and select everything with (DXVA) and apply.

    Then, on playback>output select:

    evr custom pres, directx9 and directx9 for directshow video, realmedia video and quicktime video.

    Ok and restart MPC and play video.
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    MKV is just a container. It can contain a huge array of audio and video formats but is most often used to hold h264 video and AC3/DTS audio. Accordingly, you will need a method of splitting the MKV container into its audio and video streams and appropriate codecs for those audio and video streams.

    I recommend using FFDShow to handle the audio and video streams. You can get it at the link below, it will handle almost every codec in existence including those which are hardware accelerated.

    Unfortunately FFDshow is only a filter and does not contain a Matroska Demuxer. For that you should use Haali's matroska splitter found here

    These are both system level directshow filters and will work with any application that uses directshow to get its filters. Self contained solutions such as XBMC and VLC contain their own demuxer and codec set. I've always found VLC to be an abhorrent buggy mess and XBMC is designed for a home theater.
  3. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack
  4. +1 for haali splitter

    Install it, then try if it works. If not: FFDShow.

    (BTW, I'm using mplayer, yes, the command line version. :)
  5. szaboaz said:
    +1 for haali splitter

    Install it, then try if it works. If not: FFDShow.

    (BTW, I'm using mplayer, yes, the command line version. :)

    FFDShow and Haali are complimentary pieces of software. They're useless without eachother :)
  6. I seem to remember that I installed only haali, and windows media player was able to open mkv files. Maybe I'm wrong.
  7. thanks for the posts!

    I didn't realize how complex this is..
    Surpised the Windows 7 Media Player doesn't do FFDShow and Haali (and others) - MP4 (MKV) 1080p playback.
    I can playback Divx without installing any Codec.

    Does the FFDShow and Haali (and K-Lite pack) all use DXVA? - this seems critical.
  8. You could try VCL media player.
    The codecs are held inside the player itself so no additional packages need to be installed.
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