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Still trying to get this XP pro SP3 to connect to or log into the server, a Windows 2008 jobber. I get the pop up that says unable to access the server, may be a permissions issue. I am administrator on both though and it should not be an issue plus I can ping each machine from the other. The XP machine does not show up in the network on the server though. The server shows up on the XP but then will not allow me to log into it. I changed all user names and pass codes on all the machines to be the same and it cleared up a number of issues except this one. Thank you guys for the help. The network name on the server is Network 2 and on another machine the network is named Network 3. Don't know what this means. This XP machine used to connect to the server without issues. My server guy moved away and well, I am just not that savy on 2008 Server. Any ideas? All the other machines are Windows 7. Oh yes, this is a work group with DHCP from a VPN and a Comcast (bless their souls) gateway.
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    If all the machines are using the same username/passwords, and all are using the same workgroup name, and you can ping from the XP to server machine, then the most likely problem is a firewall is blocking access, probably on the XP machine. It might be the default XP firewall, or perhaps some third party anti-virus/anti-malware. Disable any such firewalls and try again.
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