K750 RF performance compared directly to the K700

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Before I give my K700 to my GF & get a K750 can anyone having used both
comment on the K750's RF performance? I'm not interested in any other aspect
at this point but want to just confirm that the K750 will make/receive calls
& hold on to them like an unfed bulldog as well as my K700 on Voda does.

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    Thus spake Emma:
    > Anyway making and receiving calls seems fine :-) (I'm on O2)

    Thanks for your reply. The reason I ask about reception quality was that I
    got my fingers burnt with the T610 that had IMO poor RF performance
    (considerably poorer than later versions of the T68).

    I've just ordered an unbranded T750 from CPW: free, 12 month Anytime 200 for
    £30 pm, £90 rebate after 6 months with the ability to drop down to
    Anytime125 afterwards if desired. They know I'm probably going to swap in my
    SIM. If the K750's reception isn't up to scratch, my GF gets it instead.
    TBH, I'd be pretty surprised if the K750's RF is poorer now SE have got the
    hang of designing phones with internal aerials. I upgraded my Anytime100
    tariff to Anytime200 with Stop the Clock without needing to extend the
    existing contract period which is saving me a fortune.

    I just hope there are no glitches when it arrives at work tomorrow. 1st time
    I've ever gone for a phone so soon after launch. There appears to be plenty
    of bugs reported such as resetting of shortcuts after rebooting, crashing
    etc, etc, etc! Oh well.

    Thank people in advance? Thanking or cursing them afterwards at least
    gives some feedback!
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    Thus spake Emma:
    > The only problem I've found so far is with emailing. Using my K700 i
    > could email a picture to my livejournal and it would all happily post
    > fine. Using the K750 if I email a picture I've taken with the K750
    > (whether resized or not so size isn't the issue) it doesn't work. If
    > i bluetooth over a pic from the K700 and send that via the K750 it
    > works. Tres Bizarre!
    Just tried email using my K700 setting of send.vodafone.net for the outgoing
    & it ain't working - with or without attachments. Incoming works fine. The
    firmware isn't that stable yet, though the phone hasn't crashed today at
    least. Have you tried the new SE email settings configurator?

    The menu speed, quality & panning is rather impressive as is the camera but
    the jury is out on how good the RF performance is - I'll check that out
    tomorrow when I'm on holiday. Speaking voice labels over my HBH-15 BT
    headset doesn't work as well as they did on the K700 but hopefully this is a
    firmware issue.

    Like the K700, many contacts that I copied over from my K700 which had voice
    labels, won't allow new ones to be added without recreating the contacts -
    a pain rather than serious flaw. As has been pointed out elsewhere,
    different default ringtones can't be assigned to Profiles as with the K700 &
    it would be great if different themes could also be used for Profiles.

    Some nice touches I've noticed are full screen viewing of photos & easier
    access to the speaker or switching to BT headset during a call. Even with
    pretty flaky firmware, this phone is pretty awesome & is already selling
    like fresh Danish pastries. I do like the Activity menu & added shortcuts do
    survive a reboot, unlike the joystick ones. The Memory Stick is fiddly to
    remove without long nails though. Nothing I've seen or heard of touches the
    new interface! A pity that some of my K700 ringtones are no longer
    compatible & none of my old themes can be used without some serious editing.
    Copying files over USB is PDQ, once all the drivers have been loaded. Thanks
    God mine's black :)
    Thank people in advance? Thanking or cursing them afterwards at least
    gives some feedback!
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