Stream video content via satellite system to multiple tv sets

Hi everybody,

I am not sure whether I am right in this forum, so I hope somebody can help me. the situation is: there is a satellite system in a house providing television for approx. 50 tv-sets. what I want to do is: using the existing system, but to show video content via a laptop or dvd player so that everybody can access this content as an additional channel on the tv set.
does anybody know how that is done or where I can find a solution. Unfortunately I don't really know the correct terms. thst's why my google search didn't really solve my problem.

thank you very much in advance!
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  1. Get a TV tuner card for the laptop. A DVD player should have a standard video input you can use as a pass-through also.

    Note these things can only read decrypted content, so any scrambled channels will not work.

    Just read that you want the TVs to see what's on the laptop as a channel. Basically you can set this up, but you need some hardware here, check with some hotels, they have their own custom channels and can probably let you know who set it up for them.
  2. There's way too little information here. We're talking about ***FIFTY*** TV sets, and that leads to all kinds of issues. We don't even know the capabilities of these TVs. Are they smart TVs (network enabled)? Wire? Wireless? Both? Are they DLNA compliant? What’s the streaming medium; wire? wireless? If the OP literally means “broadcast” (which would definitely increase concurrency), that changes a lot of things. Now you need something to stream over the HDTV (over the air) radio spectrum, and it also limits the users of each TV to some fixed number of channels and fixed content. But again, I’m not even sure these *are* HDTVs, they could be a mix of digital and analog TVs. Heck, they might not even be TVs, but only monitors and thus no TV tuner at all (the OP may simply be calling them TVs because they’re receiving satellite broadcasts).

    The bottom line is, this type of problem is probably beyond the scope of what can reasonably be dealt w/ in this forum. There are just too many issues, too many variables, not enough information. You should discuss this w/ a professional who can access the situation, and best of all, on-site. Or otherwise, we’ll need a LOT more details before we’ll make any real progress.
  3. Thanks guys for your input so far. I see that there is too little information. I will try to get more information on that matter.
    kind regards
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