Is USB 2 Real?

Is USB 2 Real? What is NOW available that uses USB 2.0?
Is the item that I plug in preconfigured for a certain USB level?
ie scanner / digital cameras / Smart Card Reader / USB printer cable

Will any of these speed up because they now get hooked into USB 2.0?

Every working computer must be improved .... or replaced ...
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  1. USB 2 CDRW drives are availible for a while. If you have USB 1.1 device connect to a USB 2.0 port the USB port will act as USB 1.1 port.
  2. Thanks for your note.

    Anybody else know of existing USB 2.0 items?

    Every working computer must be improved .... or replaced ...
  3. if you have a mobo that has usb 2.0 and you plug in an old usb 1 device it will run as usb 1 and offer you no more speed. but if you buy a new external cdrw or dvdr drive that works with usb 2 it will be faster than if it used usb 1.

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