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Hello everyone,

So for a little while now I have been randomly getting a situation where my wireless connection shows "no internet access" while remaining connected to the router. I have tried a couple different wireless adapters and it has persisted. I have had my laptop next to me to see if they both lost connectivity at the same time to see if maybe it was my router or modem losing internet but my laptop remains connected fine. I think I am missing something. Was working fine prior to this just all of a sudden started.

Any suggestions would be great, thank you everyone.
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  1. You need to check the WAN setup on your router to see if the WAN actually has a public IP, DNS server(s), etc. If it's blank or all zeroes, then something's wrong. The DHCP request made by the router to the ISP for the public IP and other settings is either not succeeding, or being dropped/lost. The same UI will usually allow you to renew the DHPC lease as well, to get it going again. So that may revive it. But it doesn't explain why it's being dropped/lost from time to time.
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